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These practical and easy-to-use calculators will help you make sense of your next big move either for your mortgage loan or that potential property purchase. Complicated mortgage calculation & comparison are made in a blink of eye. Try them out!

Simpler common calculation results will be shown on the website while more complicated calculations requiring our personal attention will be available only via email ( Please remember to provide us your contact or email address to enable us to respond). Please check our privacy policy as proceeding with this service acknowledges your consent to be contacted.

Monthly Installment Calculator

Home owners are eager to know this when they are purchasing a new property, cashing out (equity term loan) or decoupling a property. This helps us manage our monthly household cash flow.

This calculator shows the monthly instalment amount of the mortgage and also the breakdown & accumulation of principal and interest for each repayment. Get ready, the loan amount, loan tenure and interest rate for first 5 years.

Decoupling Calculator

Recently more couples are considering to “transfer out” one of the owners from the existing property so that the outgoing party is “free” to buy another property and qualify for 80% loan and paying only buyer stamp duty. This process is also called decoupling. The final loan amount is not merely taking over the existing loan only, as it is treated as a partial purchase from the government’s point of view. There are quite a few costs involved like legal fees, valuation fee, stamp duty payable and refund of CPF etc. It is better to get a mortgage broker or mortgage banker to walk through the process with you.

This calculator estimates how much loan the staying owner able to shoulder when the other owner is selling his/her share to the staying one, when the subject property is the one and only private property under mortgage in Singapore. Get ready estimated property value, loan statement, staying owner’s pay slip, income tax and statement of all current borrowing facilities with your banks.

TDSR Calculator

Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) which is capped at 60% applies to all residential & commercial property purchase and refinance loans under both individual’s as well as holding company’s name. In other words, only a commercial property operating under company’s name is exempted from TDSR requirements. TDSR affects the majority of loan applications .It is therefore important, to ensure that home owners are able to pass this requirement when they are buying a property, refinancing or decoupling a property.

This calculator is specially designed to estimate max 80% loan for first time private property buyers. And if the income is not sufficient it will also estimate the pledged and unpledged savings amount to show to bankers. Get ready your intended purchase price, pay slip, income tax and statement of all current borrowing facilities with all your banks.

MSR Calculator

Mortgage Servicing Ratio (MSR) which is currently capped at 30% applies to HDB & EC purchase as well as refinancing loans, on top of the TDSR requirement. The final loan amount approved for HDB & EC properties will be lower of either the MSR or TDSR. If you are planning to buy or refinance an HDB or EC property, it is important to do up both the MSR & TDSR calculations.

This calculator is specially designed to estimate max 80% loan for first time HDB flat buyers. And if income is not sufficient it will also estimate pledged and unpledged savings amount to show to bankers. Get ready your intended purchase price, pay slip, income tax and statement of all current borrowing facilities with your banks.

Refinance Savings Calculator

Refinancing is a debt management art. When the new rate is lower than current mortgage rate, a smart home owner should always consider refinancing to save on the interest payment, as long as the net savings make sense. There are multiple factors to consider, on top of gross savings from lower interest rate, such as upfront costs like legal fee, valuation fee & any refund to existing bank, other important clauses of the new mortgage package should also be studied thoroughly with the assistance of your mortgage broker or mortgage banker.

This calculator estimates possible refinancing savings for first 3 years. It assists you to decide next step for your current mortgage package. Get ready your loan statement, current interest rate, and make sure that you will be out of penalty & claw back period in the coming 3 – 6 months. Not sure what those mean?

Progressive Payment Calculator

All property purchase payments made from licensed developers directly follows the standard progressive payment scheme as guided by URA. This schedule specifies the amount and time for payment and the amount of purchase price payable to be paid at each construction stage.

This calculator shows indicative monthly instalment, including principal & interest breakdown, for a private residential property under progressive payment with 80% financing. The progressive payment schedule is fixed according to general market practice. Get ready purchase price and estimated interest rate for first 4 years.

1-mth SIBOR0.28126%
3-mth SIBOR0.4375%
6-mth SIBOR%
12-mth SIBOR%
1-mth SOR%
3-mth SOR0.23%
6-mth SOR%

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FHR, FHR18 & 36 FDMR

Search Package

Finding that ideal mortgage package is made easy with HousingLoanAdvisors. Just provide a few simple answers and you will have our top competitive offers from banks & financial institutions. If you need to understand more about a particular package, feel free to call or email us and we will reply within 2 working days.

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Change is the new constant. In this volatile and ever-changing financial horizon, financial tips & insights from professionals will help you to make an informed decision on managing mortgage, minimizing risks, creating assets and other related financial affairs.

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